Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Joseph and Elsa Former residents, Sudbury St, Toronto

Meet the dynamic duo BELINDA AND LORIE It was like we made a wish, closed our eyes, and when we opened them again - voila - our one-bedroom condo in West Queen West was sold! It happened in record time of two weeks, from when Elsa and I first met with realtor Lorie Brodie to the day we sat down with her Team Leader, Belinda Lelli, who then informed us we had an offer. It was a solid offer, 99.9% of our asking price, coming 5 hours after the property was listed, and a good 3 days ahead of the scheduled open house. This dynamic duo from Royal LePage have experience, market savvy, and strategy. But above all they knew the art of fine tuning their approach to the needs of a retired couple like us who had a somewhat tight deadline and the typical jitters of home sellers in Toronto's fall condo market. They demonstrated superior teamwork, attention to detail, and most importantly, personal touch. Such as choosing the appropriate framed photo to hang on our bedroom wall, which happened to be that of Elsa's mom. From research to staging (creatively managed by their designer Anne - ), to marketing and closing, the project hummed along, thanks to their generous supply of humour and patience. They navigated with us the twists and turns of pricing, staging, and weighing the buyer's offer. The deal was signed, our deadline met. Two weeks after our first meeting, and five days after we signed the agreement with Royal LePage. Now, three days after we closed the sale, we are in the clouds, flying to our first home in the Pacific for the winter. We again close our eyes. And in our dream we see these two angels Belinda and Lorie, who walk the earth with the statue of St Joe for luck. They've waved their realtors' wands and made our dream come true. It was a real pleasure to have met them and received the benefit of their expertise. An it's our pleasure to share our story with you, the reader, and all potential home buyers and sellers out there.

By: Marc Verner, November 12, 2016

When I decided to rent my condo I called several real agents but it was Belinda that stood out due to her knowledge of the market and her warm and genuine personality. Despite extreme competition (with over 30 units up for rent in my building) Belinda made my listing stand out with top notch photography and a superb write up that translated into multiple viewings each week. Throughout the process she was very reassuring to me that she would find a AAA tenant quickly and her attitude and hard work made me very confident. Things worked out just as she said and I’m extremely pleased with my new tenant. I highly recommend Belinda - she is a pleasure to work with and she delivers!"

By: Mary Federau and David Haas

Belinda sincerely cares about her clients and provides honest, consistent feedback throughout rthe process of selling and buying. Belinda knows and understands the North Toronto demographic and has educational acumen having been a principal and teacher. Both Mary and I cannot say enough great things. "

By: Graham Addington

"Helping is what we do" tagline is totally inadequate when it comes to service we received from Belinda Lelli. A better tagline would be "relax, enjoy the process EVERYTHING is taken care of".

By: Ginette Martin

"Belinda Lelli sold my home exclusively for $1,200,000.00. Other agents in the area neighbourhood told me I could not get more than $1,000,000.00. They were wrong".

By: Angela Puma, August 23, 2016

Pietro and I would like to thank you so very much for you commitment to us during this time. We appreciated your professionalism in handling our sale and always looking out for our best interest. A heartfelt thank you from both of us!

By: Meredith Beresford, October 11, 2016

"Belinda Lelli and her team are amazing. From our first meeting, I felt I was in good hands. As soon as I was ready, the Lelli Machine went to work. Staging, painting, new carpets, arranging movers, photographer, flyers and then putting the house up for sale... all within a 3 week period! I left everything in Belinda's hands. She calmed my nerves and encouraged me to go with her game plan. I am so glad I did! I sold for over asking and over expectations. The whole team was ready and willing to jump in and solve any issue. I would highly recommend Belinda and her team to anyone considering selling their home."

By: Ann Smith

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!